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Why be a gardener with MOW NOW?

Get regular work, loyal customers and choose your own hours. See why gardeners all over Australia love working with MOW NOW.

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If you receive positive feedback and tick our assessment criteria, we can start to give you more work! You have the flexibility to choose what days and how much you want to work (select from any weekday or weekends). 

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    “I work as a personal trainer in the mornings, and spend the remaining hours during the day doing gardening with MOW NOW clients. This position has been a great safety net, giving me enough work to fill up my week when I’m not training my own clients.”

    – Greg P.


    “I get to work close to home around my local area, without travelling too much and also having time to drop off the kids and pick them up after school. Straight forward outdoor gardening work and regular hours.”

    – Liam C.


    “I work full time Monday – Friday in the city but work with MOW NOW on Saturday and Sundays on the weekends with my wife. Great rates and very good for extra cash flow during the week.”

    – James S.